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Say Yes To Giving Back!

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The REBSEA program is a  new and innovative way for nonprofits to receive more donations. Our nonprofit trade association can bring you a new, sustainable source of donations for your mission with no fundraising cost or expense whatsoever.  That is our mission.  We have created a network of Realtors, lenders, businesses, and insurance agents who donate a part of their commissions to NPOs such as yours and they are interested in collaborating with you to direct donations to your organization.  

Each REBSEA member decides which NPOs they want to support.  If you would like to be listed as a NPO supported by REBSEA members please join REBSEA as a NPO Member (at no cost) by pressing the JOIN US tab on the home page.  Below are some of the ways that you can be proactive in taking full advantage of your REBSEA membership to direct donations to your organization:

1) We suggest that you send an email to your supporters/database informing them that you have joined REBSEA and introduce your local REBSEA Realtor, lender, insurance agent, or business member(s).  This template can be used for that purpose and you can customize it

2) You can reach out to your database of supporters and inquire if there are any real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lenders, or insurance agents who are interested in joining REBSEA and working with REBSEA to direct donations to your organization.  In addition to charities this applies to religious organizations such as churches, alumni associations of colleges and universities, and any 501(c)3 that depends on donations and contributions to accomplish their mission.

3) If you are a local NPO that is a chapter of a national or international NPO you can reach out to the leadership of your parent organization to encourage them to participate in the REBSEA Program by informing their local chapters about the REBSEA Program and explaining that they can follow the above procedures for working with REBSEA members in their community.

4) It is important to note that real estate agents and lenders are regulated and subject to RESPA laws that do not allow a direct referral relationship between a licensed real estate agent or lender and an unlicensed entity such as a NPO.  By working with a REBSEA member in these two industries you are only establishing the fact that your NPO is one of the NPOs that a REBSEA member has chosen to support.  After a closing the REBSEA member at his/her sole discretion will choose which NPO in their community they will be donating to and the amount as well.

If you have any questions or would like to explore possibilities you can contact us directly at info@rebsea.org or by calling   855 352 4973.  We are here to help.

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