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Hello Supporters of America's Disaster Relief;     


     I would like to introduce you to an organization that helps nonprofits such as America’s Disaster Relief raise money.  They have created an innovative way for the business community to help the nonprofit sector.  Theirs is a very simple yet powerful concept.  Their members are real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and insurance agents who have donated millions of dollars to nonprofits when the public chooses to do business with them.  They are experienced and successful professionals who believe in giving back to the communities they serve.  Please take a few minutes to read the following letter addressed to the supporters of America’s Disaster Relief.  The potential of their proposal is enormous in terms of helping ADR raise the needed funds to better accomplish our mission.

         The times are always changing, and we need new models of how to adapt and flourish in this ever new environment.  REBSEA is just such a model of how we can harness the power of business to solve our social problems such as meeting the needs of those affected by disasters of all kinds.

Please feel free to forward this email on after reading it in full. Help and support comes in many differ ways - thank you for yours.


Jan France - CEO

America's Disaster Relief


                        COLORADO - Montrose / Western Colorado - Donation Center

                     NEW YORK - Albany - Upstate New York Cares - Donation Center 

                     FLORIDA - Tampa Bay - Mobile Kitchen & Donation Center * Fundraiser's * Tamales & Mexican Foods By America's Disaster Relief

                     OKLAHOMA - Moore / Shawnee -God's Hand Ups - Donation Center 

                     NEW YORK - Secret Sandy Claus  Project - Donation Center for toys

                     TEXAS - East Texas / Dallas / Ft Worth - God's Hand Ups - Donation Center

                     ALABAMA - Foley - Donation Center

                     MISSOURI - Cape Girardeu - Donation Center

                     NEW JERSEY - Upstate - Donation Center

                     COLORADO - Denver - Donation Center

                     ILLINOIS - Washington Area

* 100% of the Donations go to Disaster Relief - just where one expects a donation to go and should.


Web:     www.wcdisasterrelief.org

Email:    WCDisasterRelief@aol.com

FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/AmericasDisasterRelief?ref=br_tf



To the Supporters of America's Disaster Relief,


 We want to help America’s Disaster Relief – ADR, raise more money to accomplish its mission.  We believe that it is the 'grass roots', the very Heart and Soul of America, that best knows the real needs in our communities. This is even more true in times of disaster.  Our organization is similar in spirit to ADR.  We focus on helping nonprofit organizations who are without the huge grants and government assistance given to the large national Non Profit Organizations - NPOS.   ADR is greatly in need of donations from the 'grass roots' in order to accomplish their missions and we would like to help.  We are the 'grass roots'.

     We are REBSEA, the Real Estate and Business Social Enterprises Association, a 501 (c)6 nonprofit trade association. REBSEA was founded by 135 Realtors, lenders, and insurance agents in 46 states and across Canada who have been donating to and/or actively work with nonprofits as part of the way they conduct their business.  Our members have donated millions of dollars earned from their business to nonprofits in their communities.  Many of our members have founded nonprofits of their own as well.

     We are asking for your help so that we can help ADR.   There are several ways that we can raise money for ADR and we are asking you to read the following and consider being part of the process of making this happen in a meaningful way:

     1).Whenever you, or anybody that you know, is going to buy or sell a home or property please consider searching the REBSEA Member Directory for a REBSEA member in your location. www.rebsea.org   If there is not yet a member in your location please contact us and we will find one for you that you will be pleased to work with..  When you work with a REBSEA member you know that after closing a donation will be made to a nonprofit

     2) ) REBSEA members donate a part of their commissions to nonprofits of their choice.  Those of you who are real estate agents, lenders, or insurance agents,  please consider joining REBSEA and donating part of your commission from  business that comes to you from the REBSEA network. Please visit www.rebsea.org to learn more about the REBSEA program

     3) REBSEA members have donated millions of dollars to nonprofits.  We will inform our membership, our database,  and our extensive social media network about the great work done by ADR and encourage them to support ADR with their donations.

    4) When major disaster strikes we will ask our members, our database, and our extensive social media network to donate directly to ADR.  We will explain the dire need for second responder aid "once the shock has worn off and reality has set in".  We understand !

    If you would like to help us to help America’s Disaster Relief please contact me directly at david@rebsea.org or call me at 855 352 4973.  We are here to help.  

     David Matluck 

     CEO and co-founder REBSEA





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