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Say Yes To Giving Back!

                  How does the REBSEA model work ?

The REBSEA model is powerful because it is simple, practical, and appeals to all who hear about it and grasp the true potential of this Social Enterprise. REBSEA is simply a New Model of how to re-organize and help the nonprofit sector be in synch with ongoing changes in technology and social awareness. Just like so many RE agents and mortgage lenders who hear about REBSEA and join our network rather immediately, the same is true of the people we speak with in various positions in the nonprofit sector.   "Yeah, Wow, let's do it ". We keep hearing the same phrase, "Why would anybody not do this?".

With the publication of the REBSEA Member Directory several initiatives were put into operation. Each is designed to drive traffic to the REBSEA Member Directory, website, and REBSEA Members. Here is a sample of some of the programs being presented. Each will gain momentum at its own rate as the information filters through the organizations and the decision makers 'get it' and take the simple steps necessary to participate in our program and receive the benefit in the form of increasing donations from new sources. These initiatives are taking place in almost every state as we now have REBSEA Charter Members in 46 states and several provinces
in Canada and over 400 real estate agents and lenders participating in our network.

Each new member receives access to member resources Member Resources which they can customize and present to the local newspaper(s) and Nonprofits which announces their affiliation with REBSEA and informs the readership/members about the REBSEA program and how they can participate. 

On the  page of our website, 
National Non-Profits , is a partial list of the hundreds of nonprofits that our members have already donated millions of dollars to.  REBSEA Members reach out to the NPOs that they support in their communities and ask them to inform their supporters about the REBSEA program and introduce them as a  local REBSEA Member through their various methods of outreach: website, emails, newsletters, etc.   The fact is that the more active they are in spreading this news to their supporters, the more donations they will receive. Simple. Practical. Why would any organization not do this?  REBSEA provides  each member with a 'presentation package' that they can send or give to their local nonprofits which outlines our program, shows them our website and Member Directory, invites their participation.  The response has been very enthusiastic.

There are countless organizations both national and local who can benefit financially by informing their supporters about REBSEA. Their supporters can help their favorite cause whenever they do what they are going to do anyway.....buy or sell a home or property. Think of all of the environmental groups and causes, university alumni associations, churches and synagogues, all of which depend upon donations in order to accomplish their missions. These are naturals partners for REBSEA to work with. Again, why would any of these organizations not participate when the REBSEA model 
is presented to them ?

Each Founder and Charter Member has the opportunity to appeal to their entire sphere of influence to help spread the word to their churches, favorite causes, alumni associations, etc.. REBSEA provides the tools to increase their ability to spread the word.  The message is simple and compelling; there's a new way to help those in need in our own communities and its FREE ! The money comes from Realtors and businesses who gladly and enthusiastically give to these causes in return for "extra" business, that is "business that they otherwise would not have". This may be the closest thing to a 'free lunch' imaginable.......and that is why it is so powerful a concept. This is the power of business being harnessed to solve our social and environmental problems and challenges."     Only GOOD can come from it 

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