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Helios Warriors

REBSEA is often asked by Nonprofit Organizations to notify REBSEA members in their area of their desire to work with them. Helios Warriors contacted our administrative staff to ask how to become involved with REBSEA and was referred to a local REBSEA member in the area,

Helios Warriors is a 501c3 nonprofit healthcare agency located in Asheville, NC offering affordable holistic therapies for veterans, active duty service members, and their spouses. The treatments received at Helios Warriors are meant to compliment the care they are receiving through the VA, providing a safe environment with effective treatments to help them return to a state of overall wellness -- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The staff consists of a large group of committed volunteers, all licensed and certified, dedicated to helping veterans by providing therapies such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and Reiki – to name a few. Helios currently has approximately 30 professional caregivers providing services weekly, and it has provided care to over 300 veterans since opening their doors in 2010.

Recipients of services at Helios Warriors are positive about the care they’ve received:

From “Jesse” National Guard, 1991-2005

Jesse initially came to find relief for his back pain. But since his first chiropractic appointment, he has taken advantage of many other services available at Helios Warriors including massage, Reiki, and peer-to-peer counseling.  The clinic’s network chiropractor “made a big difference for my back and is less invasive than other chiropractic treatments”.  After receiving a massage he reports that “I almost feel like I could run a marathon… everything is loosened up and I just have an overall sense of well-being.” He’s found relief through all of these modalities for PTSD, back pain, knee pain, foot pain, and even sleep apnea. “When I have been able to come consistently I have felt the most improvements” (from multiple modalities). “The people are here for the veterans and the little bit of money they do ask for is just going to pay overhead. I would recommend Helios Warriors to anyone!”

From “Bob”, USMC, 1968-1970

Since Helios Warriors beginning, he has seen various practitioners on a regular basis. Bob has gone from acute pain and dysfunction to mild or moderate pain -- and actually feeling pretty good.  “I’ve tried every service that Helios has to offer.  I’m grateful that Helios is here and I’ll do everything to keep it here.  I’m not sure I would be on the planet without it.  I was homeless, severely depressed, in a lot of pain, disabled and Helios brought me back to a more functional state. Bob has now joined the board of directors for Helios Warriors, as the veterans’ liaison.”

From “Vickie”:  Army, 1986-1992

During her time in the army at the Leadership Academy, Vickie developed an injury “with horrible knots in my back and neck that were harder than bricks.” She went to the VA for physical therapy and relief. Her doctor prescribed methocarbimol, a strong muscle relaxant, four times a day for the pain. “The VA will give you all the medicine you want, but it didn’t help; it just masked my symptoms. What they are doing here (Helios Warriors) is helping get to the root of the problem.”

Vickie brings her black poodle, Shadow, with her to Helios. “I live alone and don’t have much social interaction. The practitioners as well as the staff here are so loving. When you live alone you don’t get that kind of touch with your other relationships. These people are so giving and loving in a non-judgmental way. It really re-humanizes you and has put the love back into my life. I just can’t praise the practitioners enough. I just can’t imagine not coming here.”                                  

Veterans and their spouses pay for services at Helios via a low-fee sliding scale; however, no one is turned away. Those who receive free care often volunteer in exchange for treatments, while others depend on a scholarship fund that’s obtained from private, church, or community donors.

Funding to support clinic operations come mostly from private donations and it depends on the support of these contributions to keep providing low-cost services to all veterans. For more information, or to make a donation, please visit our website at HeliosWarriors.org or call Bob Plaskowitz, our veterans’ liaison at (828) 782-0050. Helios Warriors is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10-5 and can be reached at (828) 299-0776 during clinic hours.

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