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Say Yes To Giving Back!

The Real Estate & Business Social Enterprises Association represents and promotes the businesses of those who Give Back to their communities through their business. THIS IS SOCIAL ENTERPRISE.

Social Enterprise is beginning to transform the shape of business in the U.S. and around the world.  If you think that is an exaggerated statement you may feel otherwise after reading the articles in this Newsletter.  Study after study confirms the FACT that most people (80-85%) will switch from a brand they are using to another brand if that brand supports a cause that they believe in.   Most people prefer to do business with companies that give back and Corporate America is listening and moving in the direction of satisfying that preference.  Increasingly they are catering to the trend towards social responsibility by more actively supporting causes that benefit the communities they serve.  They are not giving all of their profits to Nonprofits like Paul Newman Brands is doing but they are giving some and finding that it is good for business.
     REBSEA has hundreds of real estate agents on its list who presently actively support Nonprofits through their business.  Our task is to organize all of us into a single umbrella organization so that we can bring Social Enterprise into the real estate industry in a truly significant way.
       We do this by 1) sending our members referrals from the large national Nonprofits who
                                       receive a donation at closing.
                                 2) sending business to our members from socially conscious consumers
                                       who prefer to do business with those who give back.
                                 3) sending business to each other as a strong referral network of like
                                        minded real estate agents.

More than one half of all the wealth in the U.S. is invested in real estate, more than twice that invested in all of our stock markets combined, yet the contribution to Nonprofits from this industry is minimal.The reason is simply that we have not organized in such a way that provides infrastructure for charitable giving to flourish.
     Please join with us and become one of the Founders of our trade association so that charitable giving through real estate transactions can have the needed infrastructure to grow into a vehicle for supporting more Nonprofit Organizations in your community.  Become known as the  "real estate agent who gives back" and encourage by example others to do the same.

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