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Say Yes To Giving Back!


4500 children die every day because there is no clean water available.

      It does not seem possible that in this day and age that 800,000,000 people do not have clean water...............but it is a fact.

      There are many programs and charities working to solve this problem but none as inspiring and creative and successful as Charity:Water.  If you would care to have your heart torn apart, trampled, and put back inside of you in better shape than it was,  please watch this video   Charity:Water of the Founder of Charity:Water, Scott Harrison explaining the vastness of this crisis, the simple mechanics of solving it, and the innovative and highly successful role played by this organization.  It is at once fascinating and inspiring.  Charity:Water has raised over $100 million in the past 7 years with 100% of this money going to digging and maintaining wells around the world where there is currently no access to clean water.

     Jason Haber of Rubicon Realty in New York City is one of the Founders of REBSEA.Learn more about Jason at Jason Haber  He and his family are actively involved in working with Charity:Water to solve this crisis.  From each real estate closing they set aside some money until it accumulates to an amount that can dig a well.   REBSEA is committed to becoming increasingly active in working with this organization as our network grows and the infrastructure that we are building allows us to bring the message of this crisis to more and more open hearts.

       Visit the website Chaity:Water and you will be truly impressed the more you learn about this extraordinary organization and how they are having such a great  impact in improving the Human Condition.   "WATER CHANGES EVERYTHING".

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