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The Sky is Falling-Can Real Estate Agent Superheroes Save us?

A new government study has shown the impact of climate change in the U.S., with alarming results including water scarcity, heat waves, torrential rains, and wildfires.

The bottom line of this study is  that  the global warming of only 2 degrees in the last century was a definitive reason for these catastrophes.. If we do not take action we could wind up exceeding temperatures ten degrees by the end of this century. This study is worth reading and learning about the ways to alter the consequences we are facing if no meaningful action is taken.

See  National Climate Assessment Report


REBSEA, the Nonprofit Trade Association comprised of real estate agents and lenders who are committed to giving back to their community has made a commitment to making a difference by being Proactive on critical environmental issues. .  Several REBSEA members are Ecobrokers, who have received training in ecology and environmental issues, and  we will be profiling several of them in this issue of our blog.

The first EcoBroker in the San Fernando Valley was Ray Calnan, who is currently working on his Ph.D in urban development. Ray works with clients with ways to improve properties by increasing energy efficiency, improving indoor health, and reducing the impact on the earth. Ray’s commitment to giving back to the community through charitable donations has given him Founding Member status at REBSEA, and his profile can be seen at http://rebsea.org/charityalliance

Another EcoBroker Founding member of REBSEA is Lori Davette Ince who describes her passion for the environment  “I am passionately focused on a toxin free, sustainable, eco friendly lifestyle for my clients who are savy and or interested in learning.  I have completed certification as an EcoBroker and Plant Based Nutrition/ Cornell Univeristy along with the completion of the Green Living Workshop series with Sustainable Works. I am a member of The Women of the Green Generation.   I volunteer my time and % of closed sales commissions to charities and groups in support of making a healthier more energy efficient difference in our lives,health,pets and homes.” Additional info about Lori can be found at Lori Davette Ince

Commercial Real Estate is contributing to the environmental nightmare we are facing, and REBSEA Founder and EcoBroker Carolyn Pistone is working to remedy this:

“We at Clear Blue Commercial support your intentions to conduct your business in an ever more connected, responsible manner. We are committed to local and regional businesses thriving.

Together with our clients and business partners we are creating workable solutions centered on healthy buildings and embedded in sustainable business practices. We believe this is the best investment you can make”. Learn more about Founding Member Carolyn Pistone at

Carolyn Pistone

Another EcoBroker who has joined REBSEA is Cheryl Gillotti.                                                       

While working with development land, she acquired a greater understanding for environmental impact. Cheryl then discovered and became interested in the EcoBroker program – a new network of real estate agents that encourage energy efficiency & sustainable design. Learn about Cheryl at
Cheryl Gillotti

Our northern neighbors are being impacted by the same environmental issues as the U.S., and Founding member Bonnie Meissels of Montreal has a profile representing her concerns “It's time to put nature back into the equation of real estate! Rather than continuing to build more of the same cement cities, it's time to think about ways in which we can make smarter, economically viable choices that respect our planet, protecting the environment for future generations. As a socially responsible Real Estate Broker I believe in using the power of real estate to give back to our community and the world at large. I do this by donating a percentage of my real estate profits to the non profit of my client's choice.  “Find our more about Bonnie at Montreal Real Estate

The Superhero members of REBSEA are doing their part to ensure that environmental aspects of real estate are being monitored and energy conservation is in place, but we have researched different Nonprofit groups and have chosen one we would like to support.

REBSEA has chosen the Nature Conservatory as a Nonprofit to work with and to help them achieve their mission goals of Protecting Nature and Protecting Life. We have a simple form below to enable you to donate directly to the nature Conservancy

Donate to Nature Conservancy

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