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Frequently Asked Questions About REBSEA



Will joining REBSEA help to do more business ?

It is a proven fact, in study after study,  that people prefer to do business with people and companies who Give Back to the communities they serve.   REBSEA provides this option for the public by bringing to their attention the real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other  businesses in their community who do so.  In addition to the many things that REBSEA does to drive traffic to the Member Directory where the public will find a REBSEA Member in their location, there are certain things that each Member can do locally to create more business for themselves. It can be as simple as submitting the periodic press releases supplied by REBSEA to your local media. We encourage our members to be pro-active in your communities as prescribed below because we are confident that it will result in more business, and more donations, relative to the effort invested.  It works !    It is a win-win-win situation !                 

The most effective way to do this is to speak with your local nonprofits and give them our 'presentation' of the REBSEA program. We send this 'Presentation to Nonprofits' to each new member. It explains the REBSEA program. It explains how they can begin to receive donations by informing their supporters and donors about the fact that when they do business with you, that you will be making a donation to a nonprofit in your community.   It shows them our web site, our Member Directory, and a list of all of the nonprofits that REBSEA members have donated to and continue to support. Most all nonprofits have databases, web sites, and fundraising campaigns. The REBSEA program is very appealing to these organizations and it is obvious that the more they work with you to make their supporters aware of your business, the more donations they will receive over time. The number of nonprofits in each community includes not only local organizations but also chapters of national and international nonprofits as well. REBSEA will be working with many national nonprofits to encourage them to inform their local chapters about the service provided by REBSEA. With local Members working with the local chapters and REBSEA working with the national organizations, we believe over time that this 'two tier approach' will be effective in getting more and more nonprofits adding the REBSEA program to their ongoing fundraising efforts. It is such a simple idea. Why would any nonprofit not participate?


Who chooses the NPO that receives the donation?

   Members may write about a specific NPO(s) in their profile that they feel strongly about or are directly involved with.   The public therefore knows that a REBSEA member supports specific nonprofits in addition to the list of nonprofits found on our website, both international and by state.    Non-Profit Organizations include Religious Institutions, Alumnae Associations, and all Charitable Causes.

How much is the donation and how is the money handled?

     The amount of the donation is up to each REBSEA Member to determine. Considering that Realtors routinely welcome referrals with a 20 or 25% referral fee we leave this question to the generosity of each member.  Each situation is unique, each market is different, and our mission is to drive business to our members so that they can make such donations and make this a popular and even common occurrence in the Real Estate Industry.  Only good can come from it.  Some of our Founders have been donating from each commission to a non-profit in amounts ranging from 3 to 5 to 10 to even 25% of each transaction and stating so clearly on their websites as part of their business model.    ALL DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY FROM OUR MEMBERS TO A CHOSEN NPO.  The total cost to join REBSEA as a Charter Member and have a full profile in our Directory is $100 annually.   This supports the basic infrastructure necessary to accomplish our mission: to drive business to our Members so that you can make donations to NPOs in the community you serve.

How does REBSEA drive traffic to its Members?

     1) We have been in touch with the Development Directors of several major NPOs who have enthusiastically embraced what  REBSEA does.  Our 100 plus Founders already have donated millions of dollars to a wide variety of NPOs both locally and nationally/internationally.  Many of these are now beginning to  inform their local chapters, supporters, and donors that there now exists a network of Realtors who  make donations  to a wide range of nonprofits, including their own.   The number of NPOs in our network will continue to grow as we add new Members.   Having the credibility of a national organization like REBSEA with a national Member Directory behind them should be a great way to attract additional business for our Members.  Local press releases are just one of the many ways to accomplish this.  We will have effective programs available and we will be guiding our Members in the many ways that they can increase the business that is generated by their REBSEA Membership.

     2) To drive traffic to the Directory itself requires many simultaneous actions.  There are many organizations that are socially and/or environmentally responsible whose members are among those who have a natural predisposition to join in creative ways such as REBSEA to support the unmet needs in their communities.  We have been attracting their interest and we will work with them when they see the increasing size and scope of the REBSEA network and the benefit of gaining the support of our members.                                                                                                          Social media is the most effective way to reach large numbers of people and as we increase our membership we also increase our reach through social media. We know how to do this.  That is how we reached most of you.  We also do blogging and provide 'thought leadership' on many blogging and websites dealing with real estate, non-profits, environmental issues, social enterprise, innovation, etc.etc.  Our concept is really quite simple and direct.  When people hear it they universally agree that it is a good idea and a powerful method of accomplishing social change.  The word is spreading quickly.

Does REBSEA adhere to any political ideology or religious platform?

     NO!    The idea of Giving Back in the innovative way presented by REBSEA is not a Republican or Democratic idea.   It is neither a liberal nor a conservative idea.  IT IS JUST A GOOD IDEA.  It transcends politics and ideology by engaging neither.  It is a grass roots movement for socially conscious individuals making a major contribution to meeting the unmet needs in their communities and on our planet.  The same is true of religious denominations.  All religions contain an important element of helping those in pain and in need.  Many of our Founders and members are associated with a variety of denominations.  The only thing that REBSEA does not tolerate is INTOLERANCE. Let's work together! We can do great things!

How do I join REBSEA as a Charter Member?  (Founder?)

      To join REBSEA go to www.rebsea.org and on the home page press the JOIN US tab.  It takes only a couple of minutes to complete this process.  You can present your business and link to your website, listings, or videos.  You may choose to address any non-profit organizations you feel strongly about and/or are directly involved with. The public and other Realtors will assume that you support most or all of the NPOs listed on our home page and that list is growing every day.

REBSEA will keep you informed of opportunities to expand your business once you have joined REBSEA and will share ideas that have worked for other Members.

If you have been actively supporting non-profits through your business or have been actively involved with a specific NPO prior to 2013 you may be designated as a Founder of REBSEA.  REBSEA has been founded by all Realtors who have been doing so prior to 2013.  Please let us know if you qualify to receive this designation and in addition to having your profile in the Member Directory you will also have your picture on the home page along with all of the other Founders.



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